Sunday, September 18, 2011

No jumper day

Spring has well and truly arrived and we were able to celebrate our first "no jumper day" at the opening weekend of Floriade.

Although Claire and the boys were only just back from their week at Noosa with London D, C & E there was funky dancing to perform at the Carnival Stage (by Claire's Bom Funk preschoolers' class).

Angus and Ella had very little time to show their stuff in their very speedy two minute set.

Ollie and the Boyz Crew managed to set the stage alight in their 2 minute turn.

Commonwealth Park was very crowded, with the flower themed sales outlets and fairground rides dominating the spaces devoted to the usual, improbably colourful, flower beds (I am a pretty cynical about Floriade, sorry!).

Last year Ella liked the little Alice tea cup ride the best, but this year she likes the faster moving attractions. I think a ride on the Ferris Wheel may be on the agenda at our next visit.

It was a perfect opportunity for us to prolong our enjoyment of this perfect Canberra day with a long lunch together at Kingsley's in Civic's North Quarter.

Ollie, Angus and Ella have reached a stage where they will play very happily together for AGES. We were able to take our time catching up with family news and enjoying our delicious lunch and glasses of Japanese beer. Rob had to keep his wits about him safeguarding his small serve of tomato sauce from the attentions of Angus and Ella who both preferred it to their serves of tartare.

We finished off the weekend by planting out my newly made herb garden in the early evening light. I love this time of the year.

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