Sunday, May 22, 2011

Ella is FOUR

Ella had some specific requests for celebrating her fourth birthday: a yum cha lunch with the all the P clan (including all the pork buns you can eat), followed by Beauty and the Beast cake and time to play with big boys O and A.

Luckily the Beast seemed to fit the bill (we managed to forget about Belle the Beauty - and we got away with it). He wasn't too scary looking and incorporated lots of liquorice and CHOCOLATE icing.


We had a very exciting diversion during the celebration. One of the street's main water pipes had sprung a leak - no doubt due to the recent spell of below freezing, overnight temperatures. So we had a small fleet of ACTEW-AGL's biggest trucks and machines on the street all afternoon, manned by a small crew of our city's finest water pipe repair technicians. Ella was so impressed by the size of the hole they had dug that she offered all the workmen a piece of her birthday cake. They seemed to be impressed by this.

The kids all enjoy "our hill", and it was a perfect afternoon for climbing the rock outcrop, playing imaginary games and pretending we were looking out over the galaxy/Sydney Harbour Bridge.

.......and finding a lady beetle to share some quality time with.

The neighbourhood tree house is a great attraction. All three kids loved making their way through the trap door down this rope ladder. A was the last to try it but then found it hard to stop..up...and down, .......up and down.

Other highlights of the fourth birthday weekend were the installation of a new timber swing set and more time with family today and fried combination noodles and spring rolls at Happy's!

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