Sunday, January 30, 2011

Cake month

I thought Joshy's birthday would be our last excuse for eating cake, in what has been the mother of all cake eating months. I was proud of my first attempt at making a gluten free - lactose free chocolate cake for his celebration. It was quite successful, and much more inclusive of all the dietary needs of our family now!

However it turned out to be the second last cake of the month as another one had to be produced for our dinner with friends last night (our last social engagement for the month -I think). Those gym sessions coming up will have to be very intense to make up for all the excesses we have enjoyed lately.

With everyone now back from their holidays Joshy's birthday was a great opportunity for the little cousins to catch up. Once again it was really noticeable how much more self directed they are playing together now. Angus and Ella played harmoniously for AGES, although taking turns on the Smart phone proved to be somewhat more challenging.

It's always much easier on playdates with "Banny". I am very malleable to directions from Ella, about where to sit, which "child" I get to carry and which character I should be playing in the game. We have a favourite location for our best imaginary games, up on the hill a short walk from our house. Ella reckons you can see Sydney Harbour Bridge from our hill.

It's a great spot for picnic lunches too, with plenty of scope for the "children" to have safe seats in the trees while we unpack the vegemite sandwiches.

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