Saturday, October 16, 2010

Slow birthday

It's been a week of heavy rain (nearly 5 inches for Canberra), cold windy weather and two belated birthday celebrations; one for Angus and one for me. I think there is a lot to recommend the slow food and slow travel movements . Drawing out the celebration of birthdays is another excellent way of getting maximum enjoyment out of life!

Before setting out for Angus's party at Monkey Mania on Monday Ella enjoyed playing dress ups (trying a few outfits on Joshy's 30 year old teddy bear was pretty funny!).

But Monkey Mania proved to be an outstanding choice for entertaining a bunch of 3-4 year olds on a wet windy Monday (for over 3 hours).

This was another 2010 Angus birthday cake. Claire just keeps these brilliant cakes coming....she says she's getting far more efficient at the maximum impact for minimum input aspect of birthday cake making.

Josh, Jody and Ella entertained me at a birthday celebration dinner last night, followed by an extended family breakfast this morning-complete with a glass of Majella and bagels with scrumptious fillings.
It was a gorgeous warm sunny day, our first for the week, so Claire only allowed the boys a brief stint playing computer games,

before we headed outside for the usual fun and games with the kids. It got so warm that sunscreen and hats were even required.

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