Sunday, August 22, 2010

3, 4 and 6

The day after a rather sobering election day was a good day to forget our woes and get into celebrating Angus's fourth birthday.

At this stage Josh was feeling a lot more stressed than Angus, taking responsibility for transforming Optimus Prime back into a Prime Mover. It seemed a lot more difficult than back in the Eighties when he was starting his Transformer collection.

Ollie, the six year old has achieved a milestone this week - losing his first baby tooth - left front tooth on lower jaw.

The kids were all in a gorgeous mood this afternoon; just a quiet, family only, celebration of a birthday - the best kind!

I've included this shot of Ella (at 3 years and 3 months) because it shows two milestones this week: line drawings of people now include legs and arms (and bodies, as of last night) AND she is able to cut around the shapes she draws with quite a deal of control, even around the curves.

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davey said...

Happy birthday Angus! Love to everyone back home from the London contingent. Tell Joshy I totally know how he feels - the new transformers are enough to stress anyone out.